Wixx Slot Review

Wixx - Online Casino UK


Who doesn’t love to watch gorgeous jewels flash across their screen while bonuses and money start to roll in? Wixx is a great slot for someone who truly enjoys the online casino game world. The gorgeous glow of the gems paired with that practically perfect clinking sound the reels make as everything falls into place is what keeps us yearning to take another spin. This game is filled with features and fun. Today we’re going to break down the different features and what makes Wixx unique. 


Key Features:

Reels: 4

RTP: 96.61%

Paylines: 81

Max Bet: 50

Variance: High

Min Bet: 0.1

Max Payout: 2796x bet


Wixx Slots Online: 

Wixx is an online slot machine which can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 18 who is based in the UK. This fantastically fast-paced slot is capable of paying up to 100,000 coins per spin! That’s a great payout. 


This slot has only 4 reels which make the 81 ways to win highly likely. There are also a lot of fantastic features that we will dive into below. 


Wixx’s Online Slot Features: 

This game is gorgeous, engaging, exciting – yet almost simple. 


There are three special crystal symbols, Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire. Every single time you land on a 4 of these super special symbols, you will be greatly awarded with a booster respin. Here you’ll gain an extra attribute on that specific symbol! 


When you unlock this feature by landing on four of the Rubys, you’ll be granted a respin. But, this is not your average respin. Instead, the ruby symbols will transform into wilds and gets stacked. This clearly will increase your chances of winning on your respin. 


The Topaz booster respin is a little different. The topaz symbols will be ‘boosted’, therefore increasing your payout to 5x! The Topaz symbols become stacked for an elevated win on all the Topaz symbols.


The Sapphire feature will unlock when you land on 4 of the Sapphire symbols, just like the Ruby and Topaz would. Here you’ll be granted a respin and reel 4 will only produce that Sapphire symbol, getting you set up for a big win. 


There are different respin features available when you match these gems as well. For example, if you get 4 Ruby and 4 Sapphire you’ll be granted another incredible respin feature. This goes for all of the possible crystal symbols. 


Along with the gem symbols, you have a few smaller symbols that appear through the game. These are known as ‘shards’. They are smaller gem-like segments. Shards have a lower pay rate but are still nice to get. 


How to Play Wixx Slot Online:

This game is very simple to get started. You simply press the spin and watch the reels go. If you’d like to set up for autoplay, you can do that too. 


We love the low number of reels – it’s not often you find only four. Keep an eye out for the different respins that you can unlock and let the wins roll on in. 


Wixx Free Spins:

There are many ways to unlock free spins in this game. 


By landing on any of the four crystal symbols you will unlock the respin feature that comes with an added bonus. Head on up to the ‘Wixx Features’ section in this blog to find out more about them and how they work. 


Play Wixx Online for Free:

Play Wixx for free by clicking here


Closing Thoughts:

The unusual number of reels and the high chance of unlocking the features are what make Wixx a fantastic and original slot. 


If you’d like to play for real, head on over to Cashmio and take advantage of their sign up offer. Here you can play Wixx and hundreds of other incredible games. 

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