Wish Upon a Leprechaun

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Wish Upon A Leprechaun Slot:

Wish Upon a Leprechaun is a Megaways Slot that is filled with all of the luck and magic you need. There is an original version of this game which made its debut in 2017, but today we’re going to be diving into the Megaways version. However, both are just as grand as each other, offering lots of fun and the same experience altogether, just different ways to win!

As with any Megaways slot, there are a lot of different ways you can win with each spin you take. Wish Upon a Leprechaun (along with all of the other slots of this type) will change its number of winning ways. This is because of the number of symbols that appear on a pay line change with every spin. It can be anywhere between 2 and 7 symbols. These then add up to create the winning ways, which a little reader in the top left-hand corner will tell you.

The best part of any Megaways slot is the fact that there can be 117,649 ways to win on any given spin!


This game has some great features packed inside. All of these features are triggered during the play in the base game. Some of these you may recognise from other Megaways games and others are completely unique to this exciting version.

– Golden Clover Spin: Feeling lucky? Get some extra symbols added to your reel when you unlock this magical feature.

– Guaranteed Megaways: This is such a great, exciting and classic Megaway feature. This will give you a set number of ways to win – so no surprises to be had there.

– Lucky Streak Spin: When you win a spin, they’ll get locked into space letting you spin and win until there isn’t an option to win again! This will allow you to make some big bucks!

– Rainbow Respin: After the rain comes a rainbow, turn a losing spin into another go when you hit this respin option. So, even if your luck ran out – you still get another chance.

All of these features will give you the opportunity to win real cash online as long as you’re playing on a certified online casino. If you’re looking to put your luck to the test and play for the gold then you’ll need to place a real bet. However, if you’re just looking to have some fun, you can always test out the Wish Upon A Leprechaun slot demo.

Wish Upon A Leprechaun Slot Demo:

Most beloved slot games will be available for players to come and try for free. This gives everyone the opportunity to work out how the features work, the payouts, and find out if the game is really a good match for them.

If you’re looking to give this game a go without spending any real money then click here.

That being said, in the demo version, you will not be making any real money. You can make real money with online gambling, just not in this version.

Wish Upon A Leprechaun RTP:

Wish Upon A Leprechaun has an RTP of 95.50%!

With 6 reels and one horizontal, you can find yourself winning anywhere up to 117,649 ways. Bets can be anywhere from 0.20 to 500, allowing you to take some serious control over what your jackpots and big wins will be.

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