Twisted Sister Slot

If you haven’t caught on by our reviews yet, Play’n Go releases some pretty incredible games. Their latest release is a homage to the early-’70s glam rock band called Twisted Sister. 


This online casino game has all of the fun, thrills, massive payouts and a soundtrack that will have you grooving in your seat. 


As soon as the game got started, we were getting giddy. This new release is sure to be a hit amongst online slot players worldwide. 


Twisted Sister’s Slot Key Features:


Reels: 6

Rows: 6

Twisted Sister RTP:  96.2%

Paylines: Clusters

Max Bet: 100

Bonus Rounds: Yes

Variance: Medium

Min Bet: 0.10

Max Win: 4500x Bet


Twisted Sister’s Design:


If you’re ready to rock – then get on playing! 


Right away you’ll see you’ve got your amps and guitar out, but beware of the angry dad! 


On the 6×6 grid (36 symbols) you’ll have the opportunity to land on 12 different symbols. Dee Snider, the lead singer, will be playing as your highest paying symbol. He’s followed by his bandmates. 


After them, you have a few different varieties of symbols that seem to be guitar picks. These are your lower paying symbols. 


Your WILD symbol is simply spelt out for you and your WILD Scatter is the angry dad.


Finally, you have your animated Mega Band symbol! 


None of the symbols are truly breathtaking. They seem to simply get the job done. However, the Guitar Charge Meter was clearly created with some care. 


Overall we’d say that this wasn’t the best game done by our friends over at Play’n Go when it comes to graphics. But, honestly, we don’t even mind! 


The rest of the game is put together so well and is so engaging that it doesn’t need the extra design work. 


How to Win Twisted Sister Play’n Go Slot: 


Winning big on the Twisted Sister slot is all about the ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ feature. This is where you can rack up some big paying numbers. But, there are also other features based off of the band members that make for great opportunities as well. 


You’ll also want to keep your eyes on the Guitar Charge Meter. The band member symbols are used to fill it up, and you only need 15 of these winning symbols to fill her up. Note that when you unleash one on the band features, you’ll lose 5 charges on the guitar. 


The RTP (return to player) may vary in this game, as it does with some of Play’n Go’s games with configurable options. On the higher end, the default setting is coming in at 96.2% which is a pretty good number! 


If you’re looking to win Twisted sister, we recommend popping on the Autoplay and sitting back for a while. Enjoy the features as they roll on out before you! 






The SCREAM feature is a band feature, meaning it will take 5 of your Guitar Charges to unlock. 


Once you’ve got your scream unlocked, all of the symbols around it that are not band member will be blown away, allowing the cascading symbols to fall into their places. 


There are some big win opportunities laying in a single move! 




The UNITE feature is also a band feature. This variation will change the surrounding symbols into the same symbol that was selected. 


These will then disappear resulting in the cascading symbols. 


Go Wild: 


This feature is pretty simple, all of the surrounding symbols are turned into WILDs. 


We’re Not Gonna Take It: 


The music gets pumping and the money starts flowing with this exciting feature. 

As we mentioned before, this is where the great payouts live! Get 4 Angry Dads to unleash the beast. Every Angry Dad you get on top of this will raise the multiplier by 1x.


The Mega Band symbol will make its way around the board kicking out all of the Angry Dads and giving you some awesome wins. 


Twisted Sister Free Play:


If you’re ready to give this online casino game a go with absolutely no money needed then head on over to Play’n Go’s website. Here you can play everything, try the features, mess with your bets and truly understand how everything works.