Troll Hunters

Troll hunters Play n go

Troll Hunters is a game by Play’n Go that doesn’t disappoint. 


With their newly released Troll Hunters 2, we thought we’d pay the old version a visit and celebrate this exciting game. 


Play’n Go seem to never let us down. They continue to release exciting games with incredible graphics, features and payouts. We’re going to dive into all of the details that this game has to offer. 


Carry on with me as I join 3 gorgeous Nordic warriors who are going on to face the big ugly troll. 


Key Features:


Reels: 5

Rows: 5 

RTP: 96%

Paylines: No

Variance: Medium

Bonus Rounds: Yes 

Mobile: Yes

Max Win Exposure: 2,057,805


Troll Hunters Play’n Go:


With so many online gambling and online slot games released almost daily, it can seem like a true task to find a game that is original and engaging. That being said, Play’n Go have done it again.


We’re excited to see how they’ve levelled up their gaming experience in the new version, but for today – this is fantastic! 


Troll Hunters has clusters instead of your usual pay lines, but they’re not your average cascading option. Instead, these clusters form into golden symbols and will open up a multiplier.


This allows for multiple wins on a single spin and a truly unique playing experience. 


This game is innovative and exciting, and the graphics are something else. 


Troll Hunters Play’n Go Features Design:


Joining forces with gorgeous warriors. Who wouldn’t want to do that? 


These three characters include a lavish larger lady who is fierce and strong. She’s paired with a mysterious dark-haired mate and their long-haired and fierce Nordic friend. 


Don’t let their looks confuse you. 


These girls are here to get things done and make you some money along the way. 


There are 11 symbols that can fall on your reels. They all encompass that fighting spirit. 


You have your three main characters who act as your highest paying symbols. 


Following them, you have three weapons. This includes a scythe, hammer and sword. 


After your deadly weapons, you’ll have your armour. This includes a shield, helmet and wrist protectors. 

Finally, you have a lamp and a big bad troll. 


On the topic of designs, we have to touch on the animation. We really enjoy the visuals of this game. Everything from the falling symbols to the warriors to your side look really well designed. 


The falling snow and beautiful background deserve a mention as well.


How To Play Troll Hunters Play’n Go: 


Just like any other slot game, the most important decision will be placing your bet. You’ll have clickable options readily available at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see the paytable update itself based on what number you choose.


Now, it’s time to get spinning! 


Troll Hunters Play’n Go Features:


Cluster Pays: This game doesn’t reward you with pay lines like you would normally expect. Instead, you’ll need to get 3 or more of the same symbols. 


Multiplier: There is a multiplier that can be activated simply by making wins. The more winning clusters you land on in a single spin, the higher the multiplier will become. 


Bonus Round: All of the excitement happens when you clear a row to reveal the hidden BONUS. This takes you to a bonus round where you take on the troll 1 v. 1. Big wins are bound to happen here.