Taco Brothers

Taco Brothers - Online Casino UK


Taco Brothers is a game from our friends over at Elk Studios. This is a fun game to play with a cute storyline. If you’re a fan of freedom, tacos and big wins this could be the game you’ve been waiting for.

Shoot back in time to 1881 to the Village of Santa Maria Tacos for Everyone. You’ll be introduced to three characters, Paso, Pepe and Pico – the Taco Brothers. They’re on a mission to defeat the evil Captain Diaz – who has taken the tacos away from everyone! Can you help them complete their mission and win some big bucks while doing so?

Key Features:

Reels: 5

RTP: 96.3%

Paylines: 243

Jackpot: 400

Bonus Game: 1

Variance: High

Min Bet: 0.1


Taco Brothers Slots Online:

This game is available right here for you to give a go at no cost to you! Simply head on over to this link and give the game a few spins. Not only is it available for you to try out on your laptop or desktop, but you can also download it straight onto your smartphone and start winning some real money!


With 243 way to win, a bonus game and a killer storyline, we can’t think of a better way this game could have been done. One stand out feature about this game would have to be the betting strategies. Optimiser, Leveler, Booster and Jumper are the names of the four different ways, basically, they’re here to help you win more!

Taco Brother’s Design:

As we’ve already mentioned, we’re very impressed with the game. The design is done very well, including the introduction in the beginning. You’ll be introduced to some very distinct characters with booming personalities. There’s no way you could not be sucked into all of the fun and thrills this game has packed inside.

You’ll see some other great symbols involved in your gameplay here, some that will bring you straight to Mexico! Cacti, guitars and tequila and a sweet señorita who is coming to your rescue when you need her most.

The graphics are incredible as well. When you head into a respin or unlock the running wilds you’ll see the animations change and make the whole experience truly immersive.

How to Play Taco Brother’s Slot:

This game is quite an easy one to grasp, you won’t be flooded with features. The main thing to focus on here is landing on those big-ticket items, like Pepe, Paso and Pico. You’ll also want to get to the Bonus Game. You can do this by landing on 3 safe symbols. Once you explode it, the multiplier will be added to all of you Free Spin winnings!

Once you get to the Wild Escape Game you’ll get to play as each brother, making your way towards freedom. Watch out for Captain Diaz, he will imprison you and make sure you never escape.

The Señorita is the one you’d like to find. She has her own set of keys which can be used to release any of the brother’s who have been trapped. 

How to Win Taco Brother’s Slot:

To win the game, you’ll successfully help Paso, Pepe and Pico to blow up the safe and empty the safe in the Wild Escape Bonus Game! Don’t forget your sweet Señorita, she’s going to be the KEY to success here (see what we did there).

Keep the game going and hit the jackpot through the incredible features including free spins, multipliers and running wilds!


Closing Thoughts:

This game has everything you could need inside of it. Adventures, thrills and tacos! If you’re looking to give it a go then head on over to 21casino and unlock your incredible sign-up offer.