Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II from NetEnt has been a long-awaited release with a good review from players. It has a massive betting range and exciting character playing options.

Each character brings there own skills to the battle and there is a lot of excitement waiting to be unlocked here. 


Street Fighter RTP: 


The return to player score of this game is very interesting, as it is dictated by each character (and every character is based on the selection from the original game!). 


Dhalsim (96.04% RTP): Will place 3 or 4 wilds at random

Honda (96.05% RTP): Will places 3 wild symbols on a single reel. 

Ryu (96.02% RTP): Will place 3 wilds on a single row.

Guile (96.04% RTP): Positions 2 stacks of 2 wilds vertically. 

Zangief (96.08% RTP): Will grant you with 2 horizontal stacks of 2 wild symbols.

Chun Li (96.08% RTP):  Appoints 2 or 7 wild symbols somewhere at random.

Blanka (96.08% RTP): Gifts you with 1 or 5 wild symbols in a single row.

Ken (96.06% RTP): Will give you 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same row.


Street Fighter II  Key Features:


Reels: 5

RTP: Varies Based on Player

Paylines: Cluster Pays

Max Bet: 0.20

Bonus Rounds: Yes

Variance: Med/High

Min Bet: 700

Street Fighter II’s Design:


The design of this game is clearly what has brought so much attention to it. We have to admit we are very pleased with the visual aspect of it. Although Street Fighter was never known for its incredible graphics, we are extremely happy to see NetEnt give it some justice. 


How to Win Street Fighter II Slots Online: 


If you’re looking to win some big money then you will need to understand how that game goes. 


You begin by selecting a character, you can refer to the list at the top of this blog to see which RTP and bonus wilds will work best for you. Once you’ve selected who you would like to be – you head into the game. 


You’ll start by facing an opponent. You’ll asl notice an empty WILD gauge above your head. It will fill by a single point for each high pay symbol in a winning cluster. 


When there are no more winners on screen, and 7 points on the Wild Gauge, their modifier listed above is activated. 


As usual, wilds can substitute for any other pay symbol.


The Battle: 


During your base game, you are fighting your opponent. Here you can either win or lose – both with a new experience. 


If you are defeated by your opponent, you will head into the Car Smash Bonus Game. In this game, you can smash a car or hit the ‘Quick Finish’ button to win from 5 to 15 times their bet. Afterwards, you can head back into battle with a new character or the same again! 


If players win the battle, then the Beat the Boss Free Spins are awarded. Here, the rules are the same as the base game, except that boss levels come with a win multiplier.


There is one more surprise packed into this!  The “Insert Coin” feature that can only be used once against the Boss. 




Although this game isn’t the same as playing Street Fighter back in the day, it does bring back a bit of nostalgia. It also gives you the opportunity to make some seriously big wins – in cash (unlock the arcade game ever has). 


We recommend giving this one a spin and making the decision for yourself.