Rainforest Magic Bingo

Rainforest Magic Bingo

Rainforest Magic Bingo is a great online way to play bingo with a twist! 


It is filled with exciting characters, sounds and scenery that have us wanting more. Online bingo games are a great alternative to your run of the mill slots, especially when you are looking to mix things up a bit. 


Play’n Go never lets us down – even in their bingo releases. 


This game includes extraordinary features like extra balls, a progressive jackpot, and two bonus rounds!


How to Play Rainforest Magic Bingo:


The first step you will have to make is to select the number of cards you would like to play with.


You will start the game with 4, but as you can see in the image below there is an option to turn each one on or off. 


Each card will serve as one bet. You can also change the number of cards you are playing with the button on the bottom menu bar labelled “cards”. 


In this section, you will also set your coin value and your coins. This will all tie into how much you are betting on a single spin. You can adjust and adapt as you see fit. 


Now that you know how to get set up we can get into the nitty-gritty of the game. 


Rainforest Magic Bingo Features: 


Magic Flower Bonus:


With this bonus, you can find yourself winning up to 1300 times your bet and by the number of cards you are playing! You do this by creating a Perimeter Pattern. To receive your prize you will have to select a flower – each one will have a hidden surprise underneath. You can also find yourself granted with an extra pick and can repeat that up to eight times. 


Treasure Slate:


Who doesn’t love treasure? This will be unlocked when you land a bingo pattern on any of your cards with up to 30 balls. You can only reach this by playing all four of your cards at the same time. 


Extra Ball:


Wish you had one more ball? Well, you can get it! Simply press the Extra Ball option to win a prize equal or better than 8x the bet per card. There are 13 chances to use this Extra Ball feature nad each one will have its own cost. That means that you will have to decide if the gamble is good enough for you! 


Mystery Bonus:


Every gamble feels like a mystery – but this option truly is! Grant yourself a random prize by creating the Rail Pattern. With this bonus, you can find yourself with 700x your bet per card!


Rainforest Magic Bingo Free Play:


Want to see if this game is right for you? Head on over to Play’n GO’s website, where they have all of their games available for free play in their demo mode. This means that you will not have to insert a single penny – and can still test all of the features! 


Rainforest Magic Bingo Conclusion: 


While this game is not your typical online slot – it is a great way to take in a different form of online gambling. Rainforest Magic Bingo still has all of the excitement, bonus features and rewards that we yearn for and an incredibly satisfying jungle theme for any animal lover. 


We think this is a great game for anyone who is looking to mix up their usual “go-to” games or simply to try something new! If you are looking for a casino to play this game at – check out our offer on the right-hand side of this page or the list on our home page. New players will get a sign-up bonus!