Gods of Gold INFINIREELS -Online Casino UK

NetEnt is introducing a brand new feature with their latest release, Gods of Gold INFINIREELS! 


We have to admit, we are now big fans after giving it a few spins ourselves, although, it isn’t the first time we have seen a online casino game with features like this. 


This game is filled with great features and truly has exciting ways for you to win. 


Keep on reading to learn all of the ins and out that this game holds. 


Key Features:

Reels: Unlimited

Gods of Gold Infinireels RTP: 96.21%

Paylines: 27-3,486,784,401

Features: Yes

Variance: Medium to High

Min Bet: 0.01

Max Payout: 25,000x


Gods of Gold Infinireels Review: 


It’s almost impossible to ignore the infinireels part of this game. It is definitely what allows this game to stand out from the crowd. 


But, Infinite Reels has been done before by our friends at ReelPlay with their game long before this one was released.


Now, we know for sure that this wasn’t an original idea by NetEnt. That being said – we’re going to move on and let the game speak for itself in the review below. 


How to Play Gods of Gold Infinireels: 


When you dive into the game you will be greeted with a very simple 3 x 3 layout. 


You can now select your bet, choose whether or not you would like to include autoplay, and then finally give the reels a spin. 


From there, spin away and enjoy the features as they come into play.


Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Overall Design: 


The look of the game is very beautiful – and you can tell that it was created with care (which is something we have come to expect from NetEnt).


You’ll find yourself deep into a cave covered in golden items and jewels galore. 


You’ll also meet a few figures who seem to want to assist you on your journey towards abundance. The main mysterious character will be granting you with free spins and extra reels!


The symbols are almost haunting but very unique. They pull together the overall vibe that the game is giving us. Maybe a little bit of an Alladdin-esque? 


Mini Map and Symbol Counter:


Paired with the infinireel feature is a minimap and symbol counter. 


The map is basically there to guide you along as your expanding reels become too large, along with the counter which is there to show you the length of your win. 


Everyone loves a humble brag after a good spin, and because of that, it can be helpful to know the ways you won. 


We’re glad to see these features here. Although they’re a bit casual, they do make the overall experience more enjoyable. 


Win Spins: 


Once you land on 3 or more scatter symbols and find yourself with 10 free win spins! And, if you land on another scatter during this feature, you’ll be granted 5 more from your eerie friends. 


The difference between a win spin and a free spin is that a win spin is a guaranteed win! 




Every once and a while, when you have a spin without a win you may be granted a respin! 




Randomly have 2-3 reels added on your win! Each time this feature comes into play you are guaranteed a win. 




Gods of Gold INFINIREELS is an exciting and feature-filled game. There are so many different ways you can find yourself rolling in the big wins with the different features available. 


While we know that NetEnt didn’t create this idea on their own, we do think they have executed it well and created a truly exciting and engaging game.