Dreamzone is vibrant and fun – a game that really feels different from the rest.


Needless to say, we’re quite impressed with this awe-inspiring release from ELK Studios. 


It has a vibe that is out of this world, killer graphics, a bonus game with multipliers up to 512x, lots of exciting features and a great soundtrack. 


If you’re not hooked already, keep reading to learn about the ins and out of this majestic and mindblowing game. 


Dreamzone Key Features:


Reels: 5

Dreamzone RTP: RTP of 96%

Paylines: Cluster Pay

Max Bet: £200

Bonus Rounds: Yes

Variance: Medium/High

Min Bet: 20p

Max Payout: 2,500x stake


Dreamzone RTP: 

As we mentioned above Dreamzone has a return to player score of 96%. In theory, this means that a player will receive 96% of what they bet back. However, with gambling, some people will win more and some will win less. That all has to do with the variance and/or volatility.


A medium to high variance usually means that the wins will come bigger and less ofter. A low variance usually means lots of small wins. It’s up to you to decide which one works best with your online slot playing style. 


Dreamzone’s hit frequency comes in at 27.7%. In theory, more than 1 in every 4 spins you make will result in a winning combination.


Remember when you’re playing that the wins will come in clusters, not pay lines. 


This means that you will need three or more of the exact same symbols next to each other to create a winning cluster. 


Dreamzone’s Design:


Bright, bold and very modern. 


The overall design of this game is impressive. 


The background will take you time travelling with every spin you make and the symbols simply burst and explode in a choreographed combination. 


It is a visual delight. 


How To Win Dreamzone:


Our favourite way to play Dreazone is with autoplay on. 


This will let you sit back and enjoy the features, visuals and music while your money starts to roll in. 


The main star of the game is the Dream Feature. Dream features are gained with every winning cluster. They then come into play when you do not have a win. It’s important to note that they restart with every spin and once they’re gone – that’s it! 


There are 4 options that can happen when you are awarded a Dream Feature. 


This includes the Symbol Explode feature. Here you will see anywhere from 1 to 4 symbols disappear from the grid. 


During the Wilds Feature, anywhere from 1 to 5 wild symbols will randomly appear on your game table.


The Symbol Upgrade Feature will turn a low-value symbol into a higher-value symbol in its same category. 


And, finally, the Symbol Scatter feature will turn your “pay clusters” into a “scatter” style. This means no more clusters for this spin! 


If you really want to win big with Dreamzone you’ll need to clear the entire board. 


This will unlock the bonus round – otherwise known as the Bonus Drop Feature. 


The Bonus Drop Feature:

Dreamzone Multiplier Bonus Round

Multipliers have a way of turning any game into a better experience – both for you, and your wallet. 


You’ll initially receive 3 free spins and a 2x multiplier. 


But, if you clear the grid here – you’ll level up (and again and again). 


You can achieve a multiplier up to 512x during this feature. So, keep building up your Dream Features and completely clearing the board. 


ELK Studios: 


ELK Studios continue to impress us, but this game has got them standing out of the crowd. Just like the shiniest star in a dark nights sky – we are drawn to its glow. 


As usual, ELK Studios has this game ready to play on mobile and tablet so you can take it on the go and earn money anywhere. 


We highly recommend this game giving it a complete 5/5.