Diamond Vortex

Diamond Vortex

We can rely on Play’n Go to bring us some exciting storylines, great graphics and features galore – but we have never seen anything like Diamond Vortex before.

Diamond Vortex is a game that is truly out of this world.

Diamond Vortex Key Features:

Reels: 7
Rows: 7
RTP: 96.20%
Paylines: Clusters
Max Bet: 0.2
Bonus Rounds: No
Variance: High
Min Bet: 100
Max Payout: 5,000x

Diamond Vortex Slots Online:

Diamond Vortex is a visual delight. The game layout is different from anything we have seen before. Every component has been thought out meticulously. The whole system flows together in a symphony of colours and movement – and the best part? You get to make money while playing!

The grid is set up in a 4-5-6-7-6-5-4 formation. While this can be slightly intimidating at first, it does make sense once things get moving.

We like to imagine this game is set in another dimension, with the floating and ominous background and random fruit symbols? (We do not know what fruits have to do with diamond vortexes but maybe we are just missing something?).

With an RTP of 96.20% and high volatility, there are some great wins just waiting for you to unlock them.

How To Win Diamond Vortex:

When you begin to play this game, it is easy to get lost in the features. But, once you take a couple of spins to understand what is going on, it will all make sense. Simply select your bet on the bottom of your screen and then press to spin. Alternatively, you can select an autoplay function which will make the game automatically spin for you for a set number of times.

In order to make a big win, you will need to make note of the two different wilds – a standard Core Wild and a Sticky Wild.

The Core Wild which sits in the middle of the grid and will be where you can see your multiplier grow. The Sticky Wilds are slowly added in with the rest of the falling symbols. The Sticky option can slowly inch its way closer to your Core option unlocking the multiplier and resulting in some exciting wins. This is known as the Consume feature.

For every new Wild that makes its way to the core, your multiplier will raise itself by +1 for up to a maximum of x20. As soon as you make a new spin, however, the multiplier will go back to 1.

There is also a Transform feature. This feature transforms all symbols on its respective ring into the same matching pay symbol. We have seen this happen to the whole grid at once with a multiplier in action – so we are here to tell you that you can (and we have) made some awesome wins with this.

Free Spins are also an option in this game. Whenever a bonus symbol is rotated into a Zone, it awards 5 free spins.

If you would like to test out these features for yourself then we highly recommend you play the demo version of Diamond Vortex. Here you can experience the ins and outs at absolutely no cost to you.

Diamond Vortex Conclusion:

This game is an absolute pleasure to play. While it may sound super confusing when written out in words, the game experience is very natural. You will start to understand the ins and outs quickly. We highly recommend this game and are truly pleased with it!

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