Cube Mania Deluxe Review

Cube Mania Deluxe - Best Online Casino Offers UK

Cube Mania Deluxe has a lot of fun packed into one. This classic arcade-style game will have you feeling the excitement and thrills – with some big wins packed in the mix. 


This game has cascading symbols, extra gambling opportunities, multipliers, mystery symbols, WILDS, adjustable volatility levels and more! 


So, buckle up as we dive into this truly deluxe online slot brought to you by Wazdan.


Cube Mania Deluxe Key Features:

Reels: 4

RTP: 96.59%

Paylines: 9

Features: Yes

Bonus Rounds: 2

Variance: Adjustable

Jackpot: 50,000 credits


Cube Mania Deluxe Review: 


Blast off into a game that is pumped with adrenaline and really pops!


This game will have you boogying to the tunes while investing and engaging in almost every spin you take. 


There is a lot to grasp onto once the game begins, but you can choose to slow it down if you’d like with the adjustable speed options (which includes a turtle, hare and cheetah).


How to Play Cube Mania Deluxe:


As soon as you open up the game you’ll be greeted with bright colours and symbols. The very first thing you need to do is set your bet. Once you’ve got that covered you can play around with the other adjustable components including the speed and the variance of the game. 


You don’t have to stick to the decisions you’ve made either, you can play around finding which option is the best one for you. 


Now that you’ve got those steps completed, it’s time to look for that big win! 


Cube Mania Deluxe Free Spins:


Everyone loves free spins! You can get yours by landing on 3 or more of the scatter symbols. You will get 15 free spins for 3 symbols and 30 free spins if you land on 4 scatter symbols! 


Joker Wilds: 


The joker is the wild symbol, substituting any symbols other than the mystery symbol or the scatter. The joker wild offers the highest payouts of 500 and 2,500x your stake for three and four of a kind respectively. 


All of the other symbols in the game include classic card options, 9, 10, J, Q and K. These aren’t usually the stars when it comes to symbols, but in this game they are. 


Mystery Symbols:


When you land on 3 or more mystery symbols you will be entered into a mystery drawing. This will grant you a reward of anywhere from 5x to 100x! 


Cascading Symbols:


Here at Bonus Library, we love a game with cascading wins, and who wouldn’t! This will allow you the opportunity to have multiple wins on just a single spin. 


Gambling Options:


When you land on a winning pay line, you will have the opportunity to choose 2 gambling options. 


One includes you guessing the suit of the card that will be drawn, selecting a box or something of that nature. This is a typical “gamble” bonus feature. 


The other option involves a wall of symbols, which is very hard to get. 


Either way, these are bonus winning opportunities on any winning line you land on! 


How to Win Cube Mania Deluxe:


If you’re looking to win this game, we recommend playing around with the volatility levels. 


When it’s lower, you can expect to win more often, but lower-paying. When it’s set to high, it may take a while to land on a winning line – but the payout will be much bigger. 




Cube Mania Deluxe is a game that is filled with fun and features. It is also very customisable, so you can play whichever way you choose! 


We think this is a great online casino game for players of all levels. If you’d like to give this game a go and take a chance on winning some real money, then head on over to our offers section! Here you can find a list of amazing online casinos who offer great games just like this one.