1 Million Megaways BC

1 Million Megaways BC!

1 Million Megaways BC!? Who wouldn’t click on this game? From the outside it looks like a whole lot of fun but, does it live up to the name? We’re telling it all in this slot review. 


Discover a new world. Or, the same world but older. However you would like to look at it. 


This game is set in the Pleistocene era. The Pleistocene era began 2.5 million years ago. 


You know almost immediately that you are set in the Ice Age. You are surrounded in a new place which is covered with the caves and snow. There are some ancient writings on the rocks, yes the use of fire. 


It really does make you feel as if you have been transported to a different time. The overall look and feel is quite primal. 


We love the soundtrack that pairs with 1 Million Megaways BC. The beat is a good driver as you click and take in this whole experience. 


1 Million Megaways BC Key Features:


Reels: 6

1 Million Megaways BC RTP: 96.2%

Paylines: 117,649 

Max Bet: £20

Bonus Rounds: X

Variance: High

Min Bet: 20p


One of our favourite things about this game is the fact that you can play this game on any device that has access to the internet if you are 18+ and located in the UK – even with all of its features. 


1 Million Megaways BC’s Design:


As we touched on above, it is clear that the game is set in the ice age, better put, the ending of the ice age. 


You will be greeted with familiar characters such as the woolly mammoth and sabre tooth tiger (reminds us a lot of a very specific film). The design is done to an exceptionally high standard – we always appreciate that. 


Right away you will notice that your reels are covered in cavemen, cavewomen and a whole lot of ice! 


While talking about the design, it is important to bring up the cascade feature! 


This happens whenever you fill in a winning pay line. The space where those symbols were will “poof” out of the way and allow the symbols above it to fall into its place. This can bring you multiple wins in a single spin. 


It also unlocks a multiplier! This multiplier can go up to 8 times your bet – which is very high compared to others. 


We have seen this cascading feature before in many games, but think it is very fitting with the ice theme and done really well. 


How to Play 1 Million Megaways BC Slot:


As with any slot, you will first need to establish the size of your bet. Once you have done this you can enable an autoplay mode or click to spin. Don’t worry too much though, you can always end the autoplay or change your bet. 


Free Spin Feature:


You will be able to unlock free spins the same way you rev up your multiplier, by having cascading wins. When 4 or more sequential cascades happen in the main game, you will be granted 8 free spins. 


Once you have your free spins you will see the reels expand! This gives you 1,058,841 WAYS TO WIN! 


Sticky Wilds:


During the larger playing board, you will also be given sticky wilds. These stay on your screen the whole time – until you have finished the feature. 


Closing Thoughts:


This game is packed with big win opportunities. The theme is incredible and the features are thrilling and fun. The whole thing was done to a very high standard. If we could rate this game with 6 stars we would.