Everything you need to know before you start gambling on online casinos

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If you’ve never heard of casinos and never played a casino game, which we imagine is very unlikely, then please understand there is a lot to take in. There is a lot of games which all have different rules and separate ways of playing. Most people will only play one or two games, you’ll determine over time which are your more favoured games to play.

The information we’ll provide will cover the basics of casino along with some tips and strategies. We’ll cover the different variations of games and the basics to casino gambling. You’ll learn about the house advantage but also tips that can help improve your chances of winning, also understand the terms used in casino’s.

Below will be relevant links to articles that will help you on your way to understanding casino gambling. Further down you’ll find the essentials we recommend you understand before you start. We have also recommended some of our top choices of online casinos should you want to play immediately.

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What you need to know before you start

Don’t let it be a daunting experience, casino’s if played right can be fun. With the vast variety of games available to play, several types of bets you can always stay on your toes and enjoy e experience. Make sure you set yourself a budget and do NOT go over it. Gambling can be very but also addictive.

Casinos are fairly easy to start playing so it won’t take you long before you’ve learnt the rules, like other games the more you play the more natural it becomes. This is where the fun can come into it and the possibility of making money.

Before you start playing and gambling we have some key points we recommend you understand first:

The House always wins

Probably one of the most important pieces of information you need to know. The casinos don’t require luck to win – please remember this. The odds will be against you as they have the mathematical advantage over you in every game. They may not win every bet, but the advantage will see them win enough to ensure they are making a profit.

Can you win?

It isn’t impossible to win, I mean, who would play the game if you were guaranteed to lose? The laws of probability say you are more likely to lose than you to win. The main point to realise is that casino games are a game of chance, so all outcomes are unpredictable.

With luck on your side and knowing when to stop there isn’t a reason why you can win at the casino, by playing less hands at blackjack you’re more likely to win more than if you were to play a bigger amount of hands over time.

Games of chance

Casinos are a game of chance and theirs a good reason for this. Every outcome in these games is random. You’re literally relying on the spin of a wheel, roll of the dice of the turn of a card. All of these you have no control over which it is why games are so unpredictable for you to win or lose.

Is luck the only way of winning?

Realistically – yes it is, the factor the of house advantage can’t be overcome, but there are ways you can tactically play to limit their advantage. Games like blackjack the house advantage is smaller and if you learn the right strategies of how to play then you’ll be able to keep the advantage at a minimum.

These points shouldn’t be over looked as it is vital to understand casino gambling before you start and especially before you start playing with your own money. The risk involves can be enough to put anyone off so if you’re comfortable with this and the knowledge that the stats are against you winning money, then it is OK to carry on.

Budgeting when gambling really is a must, if you’re going to lose money then make sure you can afford too, this way it won’t be a problem. Make sure you know when to stop – casino games can be very addicting. Knowing your limits and knowing when to stop will limit your losses. If you look at casino gambling as some fun with a cost attached, then it can become a feasible way of entertainment.

We give you all this information, so you can make your own decision about casino gambling, we don’t want to encourage you to play and we don’t want to steer you away. The decision is your own and we can only give you the information we feel is essential to make an educated decision about casino gambling.

Want this in an easier form? Here’s the pro’s and cons we feel are best suited to help you make your decision.


  • You very well could win some money with a bit of luck
  • It can be enjoyable
  • Games are easy to understand and can be picked up quickly


  • Luck isn’t usually on your side
  • The house has the advantage
  • Addiction can be an issue

What should I do and what shouldn’t I do?

So you decided you’re going to start casino gambling, whether it’s online or in an actual casino, we have some rules or points that we recommend you follow. Of course you can just jump in and you’ll probably learn these for yourself. Our guidance is that you know these points before you even start.

We Advise you:

  • Learn the rules – Knowing the rules of casino games allows you too play the game properly and understand terms used. Casino games aren’t hard to understand so take a few minutes to read through the rules before playing.
  • Set a budget to limit your losses – One of the most important rules in casino gambling. Know how much money you are willing/ can afford to lose and STICK to it.
  • Have a strategy and follow it
  • If you win some money, quit whilst you’re ahead – you may think after you’ve won some money that your luck is in. Realistically you’ve probably had your luck. Quit whilst your ahead to prevent giving the money you just won back to the casino.

We advise you not too:

  • Chase your losses – this will only result in more losses, this is where mistake are made such as increasing the stake or playing multiple hands at black hand. Re-frame from doing this admit today isn’t your day and stop playing.
  • Believe you can beat house advantage – As much you’ll want to believe your strategy is good enough to beat the house… it isn’t. Although you may be able to lower house advantage you’ll never be able to have the advantage in your favour.
  • Become addicted – Gambling is addictive, when the fun stops STOP.

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