Online Slot Games – The Complete Guide

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Guide to Online Slot Games

Physical casinos wouldn’t be the same without the site of a row of slot machines.
Now online slots allow you to play on any device of your choice with just a browser and internet connection. Despite this change, the fundamentals are the same, you simply don’t need to travel anywhere. Online-based casinos continue to grow in popularity, thanks to their ease of use and 24/7 availability.

All you need is an account on your casino of choice and there you will find your favourite games ready and waiting for you.

Common Types of Online Slots

Slot games have come a long way from the original fruit machines. Now you can choose from a huge selection of slot options: 3D slots, 243-payline slots, video slots, progressive slots, slots designed to mirror popular franchises e.g. Game of Thrones, and even virtual reality slots.

Video + Slots = a more diverse range of gameplay. You can play games that replicate classic slots or you can play more technical video slots. The development 3D graphics has led to impressive slot displays as well as progressive slots, where the jackpot increases for all those playing the same game. Whereas classic slots usually feature symbols from fruit machines, video slots often use icons based on franchises, specific themes or they create their own.

Some video slot developers license characters from film franchises, Comic Books and TV Shows. So expect to see your favourite movie characters and tv show characters in these casinos.

How Slots Work Online

Understanding slot machines is essential if you want to prepare for success playing slots online. If you want to understand more about the slots of offer check out our slot reviews to see what’s on slots we would recommend.

Understanding Slot Reels

The “reels” on online slot games are the result of a software program that randomly generates the symbols per spin. The symbols therefore appear in a random order as programmed by the software.

What are Paylines?

“Paylines” is the term to describe the ways you can win on a spin. UK online slot games can give you up to 243 ways of winning, this is dependent on the number of reels you’re playing with. Usually, you can choose how many lines you want to play with, what combinations you are aiming for and how much money to place on each line.

How Many Reels and Paylines Do Online Slots Have?

The original slot machines have 3 reels and one payline though the centre. Online video slots gave game designers the option to change this standard approach. So, they did. 5-reel games are the standard for most online casinos, with some games offering between one to 243 paylines, forwards or backwards, as well as creating various diagonal sequences.

Slot Game Bonus Features

Online slots routinely offer a variety of bonus icons and rounds, improving your chance of success. In doing so, it adds variety to the gameplay.

The most common slot bonus features are Wild symbols, scatter symbols and Multiplier bonuses:

• Wild Symbols – Wild symbols are substitutes for other icons, which turns a losing line into a winning one. Wild symbols usually can’t replace a scatter symbol.

• Scatter Symbols – Scatter symbols do not have to appear on the pay line in order to be used. Most online slots reward you when three, four or five scatter symbols appear across the reels. The usual reward is a bonus payment, a bonus round or free spins round.

• Multipliers – Multipliers are found in different forms, but essentially lead you to try progressing through several rounds increasing your score as you go. This is multiplied by the bet to reward a higher prize.

Advantages to Online Slots

• More Ways to Win – Most physical casino slot machines limit your chances of winning by offering only three pay reels with one central pay line. Online slots change this by offering many chances to win.

• Various Ways to Play – The extended reel options give you the possibility of winning over multiple pay lines. With bonus rounds, scatter symbols and wild symbols, the modern online video slots offer you up to 243 ways of winning from one single spin. Amazing.

• Improved Chance of Winning – Because there are a greater number of ways to win, players, therefore, more likely to win compared to normal casinos.

• Better Payout Percentages – The worst of the online payouts as high as the best physical casino slot payouts. The best games return a payout percentage of 97-99% in the long term.

Common Misconceptions About Online Slots

Here are the two top questions that concern people about online slot machines.

1. Are they programmed to pay out at specific times?
2. Do they pay out less after a player wins the jackpot?

Let’s have a look at these questions that fairly produce scepticism from most people when looking at online gambling.

• Online Slots are easy to win. – Not true. You may have more opportunities to win but that doesn’t mean you will. Each spin is random, whilst the game is easy to play, it doesn’t make it easy to win.

• Playing more = increased chance of winning – Sadly, the length of time that you spend playing doesn’t affect the chances of winning. Remember each spin is completely random- you’ll be losing more, the longer you play.

• You can’t win lot of money playing slots. – If this was true, then why play online slots? – there is always significant amounts of money to be won, notably progressive jackpots can pay out mind-blowing figures.