How to play Roulette


If you’ve ever walked into a brick-and-mortar casino you’d have probably seen people crowding around roulette tables. It’s a very popular game and is easy to learn, it’s been a favourite for a long time now. The game is fun, quick, some strategies can be used and there are a lot of bets available!

You’re probably here wondering: why should I play roulette?

Roulette tables are often full at casinos and there are good reasons why. It is also a good game to get started with if you’re new to casinos.

    It is the easiest game you can learn

The rules of roulette are so simple, the only challenges to learn are the bets you can play. Where as other casino games can be complex with various rules and ways to win, roulette eliminates these challenges making it a great game for first time players.

    Variety of bets

One of the reasons people love this game is the number of bets that can be played. You can literally change your chances of winning by the choices you make (Would have to stake more). You can keep your bets simple like choose red, black or green giving bigger chance of winning for less pay-out. Or you can add more risk to your bets and choose individual numbers, combinations and other types of these bets.

As you can guess the bigger the risk you take the more you are rewarded with a bigger win. Lower risk are smaller pay out – but that’s all part of the fun! Higher risk bets such as individual longer pay out as high as 35 to 1 which is crazy odds if you pick the winning number. All these options make the game of roulette fun for the thrill seekers who like taking risks and the casual players who are happy to play the long game or even just a few small bets.

    Drop in and out

Another beautiful trait of roulette is the ability to play for as long or as short as you’d like. You can play for 1 spin, 2 spins, 3 spins or 40 spins. It’s completely up to you, each spin is independent and classed as a new game meaning you have no obligation to keep playing if you don’t want too.


How to play online roulette

A roulette table consist of a wheel with 36 numbers on 0-35 in red and black (0 is green), it also has a small white ball and table with your betting options. Playing online you’ll have two variations a live game or a digital game, the differences are simple, live is streamed live with a dealer, digital is as it sounds

Each round of roulette consists of the dealer spinning the white ball around the spinning wheel, you then wait to see where the white ball will drop. The objective of the game and your bets is to predict where the white ball will drop. After the ball has dropped the round is over and betting starts again for the next round where the same occurs.

The numbers on the wheel are marked in alternating colours of red and black – this is because players can bet on the outcome of the colour. This bet doesn’t require you to pick a number the colour is more than enough and guessing right will make you a winner.

Players must place their bets before the game starts and before the spin. Here you’ll be able to pick your numbers or other betting options, place the bet and prepare for the spin.

The bets are simple to place, the table will be clear to read, numbers 0-35 clear indicate individual numbers to bet on, and boxes around these with have other bets available such as a red box and a black box – this means you are choosing red or black. All you have to do is simply press on the spot you’d like to bet to add your selected stake.

If you’re struggling to work out what pays out then here’s a good example. You’ve bet on the number 2. The white ball spins around the wheel and eventually lands on 2. This means you win the bet as you have this number backed with a bet – It’s as simple as that, nothing else can stop you from claiming your winnings. You can also play a multiple of bets per game, so maybe 2, 28 and black, this means if the balls lands on either 2, 28 or black you win the bet for whatever it lands on, If it lands on a black that isn’t 2 or 28 then you still win, if it lands on 2 or 28 then you win the number and the bet for backing black. If the ball falls into a red number then you lose all of your stakes to the house.

Different types of bets available

So the objective of the game is quite simple, guess where the white ball is going to land. Obviously with 36 different numbers this can be quite difficult to do and picking individual numbers at a time can be quite boring or even repetitive. So of course, there are more than one way to bet, see below some bets that can be played in online roulette.

  • Single bets

As simple as it gets in roulette. Pick your particular number or colour you’d like to bet on and simply bet on it. You will only win if your number comes in, you’ll lose your stake if it doesn’t. Singular numbers pay-out 35 to one, so a quick example means £1 on a winning number will pay back £35

  • Number group bets

Group bets is a lot peoples choice, it may be lower odds for picking the winning number but you have more chance of winning a bet. It’s quite simple to explain, instead of betting on a singular number you have instead betting on a group of numbers. Ranges can vary from 1-18 to as small just 2 numbers.

Obviously the bigger the group of numbers you bet on the less the pay-out but these are the risks you take. It’ll be worth reading the pay-outs for the casino you are playing on to become familiar.

  • Other or characteristic bets

These bets are loved by beginners and it’s easy to see why. These bets involve betting on the characteristics of the numbers. These can be things like the colour and whether the number is odd or even. These bets pay even money but are simple to understand.

There are other bets available, but we will go into advance bets in further detail at another date.


Variations of Roulette

The two main versions of roulette that people play are European Roulette and American Roulette. American Roulette, I’m sure you’ll be aware is the version of roulette that is typically played in American casinos, being a UK site, we doubt you’ll be playing much of this. The only real difference between American Roulette and European Roulette is that the American version has a single zero and a double zero, while the European version only has a single zero. This doesn’t affect gameplay at all but does influence some of the pay-out odds.

Roulette Tips

We can’t give you the winning numbers but we’re sure we can give you some very useful tips before you get started.

Learn the rules

Cliché I know but like all online casino games know the rules of the game is the best way to get good at it. You’ll become more comfortable with the game and find a lot more enjoyment in the game. Hopefully once you’ve finished reading this guide you’ll be ready to jump straight in.

Bet smart and not against yourself

You’ll be surprised how many people do this, it is so important that you don’t do this. Your bets should be working together not against. See our example of what we mean by this and you’ll understand relatively quickly.

So you’re placing your bets and you decide to bet on the number 4 and also colour red. Ok, you may think you’ve selected good choices, but you haven’t. Reason for this is that you can’t win both you bets, it’s impossible. Why? Because 4 is black so if the ball lands in red then you’ll win your red bet but lose the 4 bet. Working out the pay-outs for each of these selections you’ll soon see why these bets don’t work. Bet smart when playing roulette, if you’re backing 4 then betting on black is a good choice of bet too.


What are the best sites to play online roulette?

Of course this is our area’s of expertise – see below our top 3 offers for getting started with online roulette. Also don’t forget to read our online casino reviews here. When getting started it might be worthwhile joining a low wager table to help you get to grips with the game and learn the flow.

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