How to improve your chances


This is probably the article you’ve been dieing to read. How can I win at the casino is the thought on your mind. Now… unfortunately we’re going to give you the harsh reality here, you can’t win. However, that isn’t to say you’ll lose every time and there are a lot of players that have made a big profit from casinos. But if you were to ask them, they’d all tell you how they’ve lost more times than they’ve won.

Reason for this is that the house will always win when, they have house edge. Unless you’re cheating there isn’t a way around this, even though you may think there is. The days of card counting in blackjack are pretty much gone and there is technology that stops this now. If you start making some money and you’re in profit we always recommend walking away.

However some games you can play and probably believe you have a better chance than others and there is good reason for this. Games like slots you don’t really have any power other than the bonus games, you’re just pressing spin.

We recommend playing games where the house edge is lower.

Of course, everyone has their own picks and likes. But if you’re looking to play a game where you have a better chance and a lower house edge, this very much only being mathematically smaller. Then you’ll be looking to play games like Poker, a few variations of poker work here. Also, blackjack, theirs a good reason for blackjack too. The standard rule in this game will mean the dealer has to draw to 17 or 18 and stick. Casinos play with 4 decks of cards with the most common cards having the value of 10. So, you can judge quite quickly your chances of beating the house.

If playing these sorts of games isn’t for you but you still want a chance of winning, then playing a game with a jackpot could be for you. Although they are very unlikely to win, if you don’t try then you never will. They are in fact the biggest way to win in a casino.

Jackpots and bonuses in games like slots can have you winning larger sums of money.

Beating the house edge isn’t your only challenge in casino games.

Losing to the casino is more than likely to happen and as much as you try beat the house edge most people forget about the biggest difficulty in casinos and that is yourself. Players own actions are a huge factor in casino gambling and you can be the architect of your own losses. Learning to stay disciplined is important and will give you the best chance of winning and preventing you from losing money (or too much money).

Managing your money when gambling should be top priority – set yourself a budget and stick to it. Without self discipline you’ll find yourself chasing your losses and gambling more. This isn’t the way to do it – keep within your limits and don’t take unnecessary risks.

We also say – Quit whilst you’re ahead.