Free Bets the Complete Guide 2020


The complete guide to using Free Bets online

What are Free Bets?

Tempting punters is hard, that’s why online casinos and bookmakers offer free bets. But, how do these bets work, and what are the finer, hidden details for using them?

How Free Bets Work

Free bets are offered to potential new customers of online bookmakers or casinos as an incentive to sign up. The free bet takes several forms, but is usually a matched amount. Once you’ve deposited a value into your new account, the site will give you a free bet: usually matching the amount deposited, but sometimes more.

Different Types of Free Bets

The matched free bet is the most common of free bet types, and is limited to a certain amount. An example, you have made a £10 bet, your account is then credited at a multiple of the original 10 (i.e. a 200% free match bet would give you £20). This cannot be withdrawn until you make a certain amount of future bets.

The deposit matched free bet is similar, where you do not have to make a bet but instead your account is credited with a certain sum. Once your account has sufficient funds, the bookmaker will then offer the bet, matching the initial deposit amount to a certain limit.

Some casinos offer a no deposit free bet, which you receive once you have registered a new account and verified your details. These bets tend usually allow you to keep only the winnings, so you won’t be credited with the initial stake if you are successful. However, some casinos offer keep stake free bets, which you not only keep any winnings earned but also the original amount wagered.

Drawbacks of using Free Bets

While free bets are technically free, many of the free offers require you to deposit before the bookmaker will equal your bet. This means you are still putting cash up front.

There can be other stipulations with your free bet. For example, if your free bet is with casino games, you may only be able to place the wager on specific games which have a distinct house advantage. And, if on sports, it maybe eligible on certain sports, or even to specific matches.

If you happen to be one of the lucky punters to win using these bets, you will find the money tied up in your account for a period of time, or that you have to make a certain number of bets/wagers above a certain figure to withdraw your winnings.

We know it is boring but, you should read the terms and conditions of any free bet offers. Many of the bets have a very limited half-life, meaning they must be used in a short time period after your new account has been formed.

How to Take Advantage of Free Bets

• If you’re looking for the best free bets, make sure the site allows you to play to your strengths, i.e. betting on sports you follow or have some knowledge on.
• Check the terms and conditions to see the rules for withdrawing any winnings from your bet –it can cost you more in lost bets to take it out.
• Look for keep stake free bets as they return the initial wager and your winnings, making them far more lucrative.
• Remember: use your bet within the allotted timescale.

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