Should you double down when playing blackjack and when?

How to play blackjack

When should you double down when playing blackjack?


What is double down


If any of you have played Blackjack before you’d have noticed, you have some other options available to use on your hands that aren’t the standard hit or stick. One of those is double down, it is one we’re going to focus on in this blog as it can help improve your blackjack strategy and help you win money. We must mention of course this isn’t a guaranteed blackjack strategy but our thoughts on how to make the double down gamble work.


It’s a pretty thrilling and ballsy move to take that allows you to double your bet in game and draw another card. Now being such an adventurous move offering you the chance to win double your initial potential returns, it can be easy to want to jump at the opportunity whenever you draw anything between an 9-11. It’s important to remember you can’t hit again if the card drawn is a low number, so with this in mind Bonus Library have put together a strategy we like to stick too when choosing to double down at blackjack, use at your own peril.


Best time to double down


We believe there are some set times when doubling down is a good idea giving you a greater edge in winning the hand. These are a combination of your own cards and the also the card you can see the dealer has.  The strategy we follow means you can’t go bust when you double down, it simply comes down to beating the dealer.


Hard and soft combinations


The first combination to look for is a hard 9. This is any combination of cards that add up to 9 but no including an ace (A-8) as this is a soft 9. If you have a hard 9 and the dealer has a low value first card, we say anything under 7 without an Ace it’s a good time to double down. It’s important to remember there are more cards in a deck with the value of 10 than any other meaning you have a great chance of hitting 19 on the next card. Most blackjack tables have a rule for the dealers meaning they must draw to 17 (some 18). Now remembering the amount of 10s in the deck, the maths says the dealer has a higher % of going bust giving you a greater chance of winning.


Another combination and possibly the most powerful combination for the double down strategy is drawing a hard 10 or 11. Again, this is the combination of cards not including an Ace that equal 10 or 11. Match this with a lower value card from the dealer (anything 9 and under) and you are in a solid position to double down.


Lastly, we have a soft combination between 16-18, this combination includes having an Ace in your hand. The Ace gives you a free draw almost due to its ability to act as an 11 or a 1. If the dealer has a low value between 2-6 then we’d see this as an opportunity to double down. It’s important to note that drawing an ace and anything lower than 4-6 We wouldn’t recommend doubling down but to just hit, as it’s very unlikely to draw a high finish.


What if I draw an 11?

Drawing 11 against a low value dealer card puts you in a super strong position; remember there are more 10s in a deck than any of card meaning your chance of hitting that winning 21 is high. If I dealer is showing a 10 then doubling down is still a good choice. If the dealer is showing anything lower than a 9, we recommend always doubling down.


 Be safe and gamble what you can afford to lose

We stand by this strategy as it is transferable at most online and land-based casinos. As the double down option gives you the potential to double your returns it also requires doubling your stake meaning your risk is also doubled. This strategy will NOT guarantee a win as the dealer can still win; it is however a good strategy to put you in a strong position.


Where can I play Blackjack?


Blackjack is one of the most commonly found games at casino’s almost every casino you visit will have set tables for Blackjack all with different buy-in requirements to accommodate all gamblers. A good place to start is online casino’s as you can play from the comfort of your own home without feeling any outside pressure from people around you. It is best to read up on the casino you are going to play at first to build trust and then start small stakes to get a good feel of it. If you are completely new to blackjack, we recommend reading our guide to playing.


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