Bet365 commit to staying on top of compliance by agreeing a contract renewal with GiG comply

Bet365 commit to staying on top of compliance by agreeing a contract renewal with GiG comply

Bet365 deploying GiG’s comply

The mighty bet365 got 2020 off by showing their commitment to marketing compliance by renewing their contract with industry leading GiG comply. A contract that was first deployed by bet365 in 2019, they are also one of the first big names to adopt it since GiG comply launched In 2019.

The tool was rolled out by GiG as it became apparent more and more operators wanted to be proactive when it came to the ever-changing compliance rules. GiG comply makes it more time efficient in spotting compliance violations. These violations include notable terms, images, age gated games and the use of any red words being included in the promotional text.

GiG comply is a self-service top of the range marketing compliance tool that allows gambling operators to monitor and scan tens of thousands of web pages daily. Operators will be able to check on the presence or the lack of promotional terms and images that should be present next to all promotional links. The tool will allow bet365 to see where they are mentioned daily giving them to ability to act quickly if something isn’t how it should be. This means bet365 can continue to protect it’s brand online whilst staying complaint in this ever evolving environment.

About bet365 and GiG (Gaming Innovation Group)

Bet365 is known as one of the biggest betting companies not only in the UK but in the world. They boast over 40 million users worldwide. The company has won multiple awards including online sports betting operator of the year and affiliate programme of the year. All as recent as 2020 winning awards at the Global Gaming Awards 2020.

Such a global powerhouse means they are always under a microscope for all aspects of the business but most importantly compliance. Gaming Innovation Group is a public company whose headquarters are in Malta. GiG have been offering marketing services for over 10 years (although GiG was founded in 2012) and have become one of the biggest names in iGaming.

GiG Chief Executive Officer Richard Brown said “they are very excited to continue their successful partnership with the gambling operator as their relationship grows from strength to strength.”

GiG comply have slowly been making their way into the big leagues of gambling groups with bet365 being the biggest of clientele they were soon followed by the likes of Betsson & Betfred.