What Has the Best Odds of Winning at a Casino?


If you’re looking for the best odds of winning on online casinos, then you are in luck!

We love online casinos. They’re filled with tons of different games to play and hours of fun. From sports betting to slots and even live table games, online casinos have something for everyone. Whatever game you enjoy in the real casino, you’ll be able to find right here. But, like most players, we’ve not only come to play, we’ve come to win! If you’re searching around for games to play or different casinos to try you’ve arrived at the right spot. In this blog, we’ll be going over what games have the best odds of winning at a casino, and what games you should be playing.

Which Game Has The Best Odds?

Let’s cut straight to the chase, Blackjack has the best odds in favour of the player over every other game. Blackjack offers the best house edge out of all of the casino games, with a house edge equalling somewhere around 1%.

The House Edge is a term used to describe the advantage a game and venue, has over you as you play over time, and the lower that number is, the better it is for the player. Every game has a house edge; that’s why casinos are such big business. But, there is no better odd than 1%. We can calculate house edge by subtracting an actual game-winning from a fair game-winning and divide the result by the fair game-winning, finally multiplying by 100.

The equation looks like this:

House Edge= [(Fair game-winning – Actual game-winning)/Fair game winning]*100

Blackjack is a great game for every casino goer, old and new. Not only because of the odds but the logistics too. If you’re testing out a new casino we always recommend you check out their Blackjack table, you may walk away with a lot more than you expected!

What About Other Games?

You now know that the best game to play is Blackjack, but maybe you’re wondering what some of the other games you love to play might be ranked at. Remember these numbers are percentages calculated over many games, over time a specified amount of time.

Poker is another game that offers some great odds, sometimes offering a return as high as 99%. Sometimes it comes down to a good strategy and other times it’s nothing but utter luck; we guess that’s part of the thrill!

Online Slots are also a very common option for online casino goers. The Return To Player (or RTP) is how much money goes back into the pockets of the player. Here’s how we calculate this:

RTP for a casino game = the total amount returned to players / the total amount bet by players.

The total amount bet by players = the sum of each initial bet per round per player for the audited period for a specific game (typically one calendar month).

Each and every game is going to have a different score, but by playing a few different ones you can find which games have higher returns. You can also check out online reviews from players to see which ones they have already tested for you.

Overview – what offers the best odds of winning?

If you’re looking for the best odds of winning at a casino, Blackjack is the way to go!

There are great odds on many other games too. Along with many different testing houses and organisations ensuring that the odds aren’t rigged and there is an opportunity for you to win online.

The world of online gambling can be tons of fun. There are a lot of chances out there to be a big winner but we also can’t forget about some of the risks. Before placing any bets online take a couple of steps to ensure the site you’re using has a UK Gambling Commission certificate. This means that all needed tests have been performed and the casino is a safe place to gamble. And, please, always gamble responsibly.

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