Types of games


The good thing about online casinos is the wide range of games available to you. All the games are played differently with various rules and pay outs. This gives you the ability to constantly switch it up to something new whenever you want, however you may just like to play game – which is completely fine.

Finding an online game to play takes time, and so it should. If you rush into something you may decide you don’t like it and stop playing altogether. Your decision should take time, find out what you like and make the most of your experience.

We’ve outlined our thoughts on choosing your casino game below – whether you’re a new player or and existing player these can still help.

Decide what works for you

This many sound simple, but it is very easy to be distracted and drawn in to what other players are doing. Especially when sites will show their most popular games on the home pages. Remember just because the majority of players are playing these games, it doesn’t mean that they are right for you.

You need to find what you like and what you want from a game you’re playing.

Do you want a game that’s quick and exciting?

What about a game that’s all singing and dancing with flashy lights and bonus games?

Maybe you like a game where you thinking about your moves is required?

These questions may seem weird, but you’ll understand more when you see how games are played. We can suggest the best games for the answers you have to the questions but again, it can come down to how you like to play the games. So, of the answers to the question may even linked into the same game.

Fancy a game that’s quick and exciting?

So, you want something that is fast paced gets your adrenaline up. Table games will be your bread and butter here. Roulette and craps are fast paced games and keep it fun at the same time.

Don’t want a game that’s quick?

Well slots would be perfect here, although it may seem a quick game, slots can really be played at any pace you like. So if you want to play quickly then go ahead, want to play slowly? No problems -slow it down.

All singing and dancing games

Slots is the winner again here, the wide variety of games are all colourful and exciting to look up. Full of pop up bonus and fancy side games for certain lines on the reels.

Would rather it not be singing and dancing?

After a more simple game and not a game that’s lights will probably annoy you after a while… Then games like blackjack and 3 card poker will see you more suited. The rules are quite simple and you can play how you like at your own pace.

Want to be thinking a lot when playing a game?

Well.. slots are out the question here. Any game other than slots will see you having to think a lot more. Employing thinking into your game helps you build a strategy and a lot of gamblers use this when playing casino games.  Games like craps and blackjack are great for keeping your mind engaged. Baccarat is also a big favourite, though the game is rather simple initially.

What casino sites offer these games?

This is key to improving your gambling experience – after you’ve decided what game you want to play and realising your needs from online gambling, it’s time to find a site with your game on. Now this can be a painful exercise considering there are so many options out there.

Thankfully we have you covered.

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Play the games

This is such an important step, without playing the game and giving it a fair trial, you’ll never know if you truly like it or not. One thing you’ll notice about online casinos is you often get the option to play games for free. This means you can play games with play money – get a good feel of a game and even try practise some strategies.

By doing this, you can get to grips of the game and improve your understanding. Playing games without understanding it will see you losing money, quickly. Learn the rules and learn first hand by playing first, especially if the option is to play for free.

This is the best way to learn the hands you can play, what the pay outs are, what the spin options are and much more. Give yourself the best chance possible to win, you don’t want to miss something because you did the wrong thing or clicked the wrong button.

Playing for free will give you chance to find a game you enjoy – remember the whole point here is to enjoy gambling. This way when you start playing for money you can enjoy it a lot more

You’ll find thousands and thousands of games across every online casino, so keep playing through and you may just find the game that you like. Don’t forget you don’t have to settle for one game… you balance will work on any games.

In the end, it’s all about finding a game that works for you. Just because the game you find isn’t someone else’s favourite does not mean that it can’t be yours. Remember, it’s your hard-earned money that you’re playing with.

Keep playing through games and using the free to play option. We’d be very surprised if you weren’t able to find a game that you enjoyed. Also… if you find a game you like, don’t be scared to try out different variations of that game. Some people find other variations of a game are actually more fun than the one they were previously playing. We could given a lot of examples here, but a simple one would be the difference between American roulette and European roulette. Same game just one has two Zeros on the wheel.

Find a game you enjoy and you’ll start to enjoy online gambling… And hey, if you don’t enjoy anything then maybe it’s just not for you. No harm done.