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Live Casino streaming and why are so many people talking about it?

Live streaming itself has been around for a while now, but it’s only recently started being used to its full potential. In the recent years the scene has exploded especially in the gaming space. You may of heard of streamers such as Ninja, SypherPK, Professor Broman and Myth before. These streamers really helped streaming take off with the help of the Battle Royale game called Fortnite. These streamers all used the platform Twitch which started making a name for itself back in 2014.  Global giants Amazon saw a potential and acquired the company for a whopping $970 million. You may not however of heard of Casino Streaming.


Off the back of the success of Fortnite, streamers that play different games or streamers offering different types of content started to pick up too. Streamers playing casino games and slots have started to form big followings in recent times with certain streamers beginning to make a real name for themselves.



But why stream casino games?


Well it may be hard to believe but the top streamers are making money while gaming… for real. What a job role that sounds like, spinning the reels to your following live on air and getting paid to do it. A casino lovers dream!

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy, so don’t go quitting your job just yet. The toughest part is building your followers. Without a following you’ll have no users to monetise, what’s worse is you’ll be making no money whilst building your audience (Unless you win at the casino you’re playing at). This part takes a lot of time and more importantly a lot of perseverance but if/when you start to build yourself some followers and consistent viewers then it’s time to start monetising.



Do Twitch casino streamers make a lot?


Probably the question that’s been on your mind since you opened this post. The most popular and well-established streamers in the space can earn upwards of £20,000 per month, which is a very solid income. But as explained before building an established channel is the hardest part. Twitch will often list the channels depending on the views each channel has. This means if you’re a new streamer you’re going to be bottom of the list whilst the popular channels keep getting bigger.


Casino Streaming on Twitch is only going to get bigger, and we’re hoping it does too. It’s a great way to show case to the casino lovers out their certain casinos and games available. Consider it live reviews of the sites and games without having to spend your own money! Ever wanted to see how a feature played out but never managed to spin through enough to get it? Well now you can watch someone else do the feat for you.


As Bonus Library thrives on giving it users the latest and best content around, we have our own Twitch channel. We have hosted it below but we’d recommend signing up and following the channel, so you are giving regular updates on when we go live!

We’ll be playing all the best games available and letting you get involved in the chat. We’ll be uploading the highlights of our streams to our YouTube channel too, so if you can’t catch us live then you can keep up to date with the goings on.


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